1. We're an English community, please write in English. This will probably be the only language in which most of us can help you. In case you do not understand English, you should check if there is a local community, but you're free to try here too.
  2. Do never delete the content of your threads. These threads might be pointless to you, but there might be other people that can use the help in it, and context is everything in such a situation.
  3. Don't abuse the Report system to ask for your threads to be deleted. If we wanted users to be able to delete their own threads, we whould have made that possible. We won't delete threads on users request if they are not abusif or against the rules.
  4. If an user behaves in an inappropriate way, don't try to handle it yourself, but Report his/her comment.
  5. Threads need to be ontopic and bring an useful contribution to the community.
  6. We're a board about our software, we don't need any other things beside that. So please keep your posts within the boundaries: no racist, sexist, political points of view or religion-related subjects or references (that includes profiles).