An update on Emerald, Fallow and G


By Yannick 27 March 2016 22:10

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Hey everybody

As many of you know, the past couple of days I've put aside my focus on "Luna 2" to deliver another feature update to the original code base. This update has been taking quiet a bit of shape in the past couple of days with now over 250 commits applied to it. Not only that, but since Aero, the Emerald update - an update that was supposed to be a little feature and bug fix update - has shaped itself into becoming not just a large update, but the largest update since Aero. And that's a problem.

Luna Emerald
We've been talking about the Emerald-update for quiet some time now. However, when it comes to the number, I've always referred to it as version 1.4. Today, I want to officially announce that I'm white drawing that number for Emerald. The Emerald-update has become such a large update that according to Semantic Versioning (the versioning system we use) we can no longer call it Luna 1.4. In fact, we can't call it anything within the Luna 1.x-series. That's why starting with the next preview, the version number for Emerald will be bumped to 2.0. Preview 5 will thus be released as Luna 2.0-alpha.5. You can expect Preview 5 to land in the week of March 29th.

Luna Fallow
Fallow has been used for a long time to refer to the big revamp of the forum software: Luna 2.0. Obviously, we can't have 2 "Luna 2.0"'s. But that's not what this section is about. Because I'm also white drawing the Fallow-naming from major rewrite I'm working on. Basically, what you guys used to know as "Luna 2.0 'Fallow'" is now neither 2.0 nor Fallow.

Why does the Fallow-name have to be cleared up? The simple reason is because I'm not expecting Luna 2.0 to have its final release within this year and thus Fallow will become an interim update, and the real final update to the old Luna-codebase. This version will probably be versioned as 2.1 and I think that it will likely see a release in the Fall of 2016.

Luna Glitter
Which brings us to G. Or like we like to call it nowadays: Glitter. Glitter used to be the codename of the major rewrite that you guys got to know as "Fallow", we'll, now it is once again  the codename of that very same project. And as said, as the 2.0-moniker is already being used by the coming Emerald update, this release will be referred to as Luna 3.0 Glitter.


I know that this might be extremely confusing, but it is what it is. I'm not planning to wait a whole year between 2 Luna releases and if we really have to jump to "version 2", than I rather use that second digit at least once too. And yes, I'm leaving the possibility open for the major Luna 3-revamp to be even moved to H if really necessary and release Glitter as a 2.2 update. But that's for later, if ever.

Have a great day
-- Yannick

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