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By bem 12 May 2016 16:42

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Hi Yannick ,

I've been looking at making a plugin for changing the look of the bbcode toolbar - removing ones that'll never be used on my board and adding in ones that I would use. The test plugin in the Docs section doesn't load though in 2.0. It shows as an extension, but clicking it to go the the extension page gives an error. What needs to be called to load up a plugin page? Can the example one be updated?


By Yannick 12 May 2016 17:24

Administrator · 1,457 comments

There is a version 3.0 of the plugin that supports Luna 2.0.1. However, 2.0.0 currently isn't capable of using plugins due to a minor issue in the heading system. I'll publish version 3.0 of the Example plugin later this week with Luna 2.0.1.

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