Converter from esoTalk to Luna?


By KnownSyntax 25 June 2016 01:26

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I'm curious if there is a convertor for esoTalk so that I can move all of my users, discussions, replies, and other important details to Luna? I'm curious on trying this software out since it really has a lot going for it. I was hoping to wait until Flarum was ready to be released (so I'd make the move to there) but things are taking a tad longer than expected, and Luna is just looking like the perfect solution for the problems I've been facing and getting from people complaining about usability.

I tried looking and searching this forum to find nothing for a convertor (including a convertor for esoTalk to ModernBB and than to Luna).

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By Yannick 25 June 2016 21:26

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Sadly, there isn't any such tool available.

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By KnownSyntax 27 June 2016 01:39

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Ah, dang. I've even tried to look for esoTalk -> PunBB/FluxBB so that I could convert back to Luna with no luck.

Well, thanks for trying. I'd just hate to have to delete everything and start over member wise and also content wise. I love Luna and the progress you have made, so keep up the great work Yannick! 🙂