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By bem 8 October 2016 10:08

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Hi, the user list seems a bit off. I've noticed it previously and forgot to mention it, and I've just updated my forum and it's still like it.

When you first go to the users list, it looks all good. Problem arises when I go to another page in the users list. So the first page shows users who's names start with A-L. As I only have 2 user pages, you'd expect the second page to be L(continued)/M-Z. What I get instead is a random mixture of users, including a load that were listed on the first page.

If I click on the search button within the users page, it sorts the list alphabetically again and that then shows page 1 as A-L and page 2 as L(continued)-Z which is what you'd expect to happen.

So the default user list state doesn't work when going past page one, which should show the same as the default user search state.