Luna 2.0 Coding conventions


By Yannick 20 June 2015 13:42

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Hey everybody

As most of you probably know, we've kicked off development of Luna 2.0 (besides Luna 1.0.7, 1.1.1 and 1.2). However, I've had a couple of complaints that we have some weird coding conventions, and that's why I would like your input on the matter. At this moment, I'm looking into WordPress's Coding Conventions, and we might adopt them for Luna 2.0.

However, I need opinions - once again.

Go wild!

-- Yannick

You can do anything


By oldhobbyist 11 November 2015 12:16

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I like WordPress a lot but I think it's time to embrace PSR. 🙂


By Sfideremo 13 November 2015 01:00

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Yes, PSR-2