I have a ASK


By Sebastien98 12 July 2015 12:41

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Hello ModernBB / Luna Staff ,

I have a ask to a user title here is a sample picture


is it possible whit Colors ???



sorry for my bad English :C


By rolfo 14 July 2015 17:58

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Pushing after two days is not quite polite. Especially when there is a development hiatus and your post already is on top of the forums index. Is an answer that desperately needed?

Back to topic:
I don't know, if displaying the user ranks AND group membership is a plannend feature - but I think it is a good point.
And it wouldn't be that hard to do this in different colours.

PS: Do you speak german? (guessed from the screenshots)Then send me a PN.

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By Yannick 18 July 2015 06:58

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Luna currently doesn't support this, but it is considered for Luna 2.0 as part of the new permission and group system.

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