Language compatibility between MBB3 and Luna


By Yannick 8 July 2014 22:27

Administrator · 1,457 comments

For our next generation of forum software - Luna - we are going to maintain a similar system for languages as we have today. 1 difference is that the stopwords.txt file won't be there anymore. For the language files for the actual used strings, I want to ask you guys a question.

What do you prefer?

1. Try to keep the language files of ModernBB 3.x as compatible with Luna as possible, major changes will be required, through. Pro is that you can keep some of it, con is that you'll have to remove everything that doesn't fit anymore AND still translate a lot of new strings.

2. Just rewrite everything completely. This will require a full re-translation. However, as Luna's language files will be handled with an online translation tool (I mean, where people can submit translations), that shouldn't be to much of a problem and will make things less confusing.

For now, I want to go for the second option, through I would like your opinion.

More will follow!
- Yannick

You can do anything


By GroverChouX 9 July 2014 03:18

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Yes, we need a online translation tool.
All the strings into them.
Everyone can be translation. Can be more humane language do something.
Well, I'll recommend an online translation tool.

- Grover