Announcing ModernBB 1.7: the final 1.6 update


By Yannick 31 July 2014 08:28

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Hey everybody,

A little less then one and a half year ago, I launched ModernBB 1.6 as a Long Term Support release. The last update - version 1.6.5 - was released back in January. It has been a while since then, we almost 7 months later... And I'm happy to announce that some work is being done on ModernBB 1.7. It's going to be, like our updates in the ModernBB 3 branch, a small feature update. Through most of our attention goes to enhance the performance and stability of the ModernBB 1.7 software. Version 1.7 is actualy just a rebranded 1.6.6 update, it became a little bit to large to keep it on 1.6.6. What's going to change in ModernBB 1.7?

  • ModernBB will be able to recognize new gTLDs (this is coming to 3.4.2 too)
  • ModernBB will no longer show redirect screens
  • Quick jump has been removed
  • Styles have been updated to use less images and load faster, they also have a max-width to make text better readable
  • The update interface has been improved
  • Core images have been optimized to load faster
  • Passwords now have to contain at least 6 characters instead of 4
  • Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported
  • FluxBB 1.4 or 1.5 is required to update to ModernBB from now on, support for PunBB 1.2 and 1.3 and FluxBB 1.2 and 1.3 has been dropped
  • Brand update: new logo, new slogan
  • More to come

This update is for everyone who's still on ModernBB 1.6. However, it's recommended to upgrade to the latest ModernBB 3.4.1 right now, as we will support that version better and add new features. Also, not that this is our FINAL release for the first generation of ModernBB. In case any of the changes have side effects, we will fix it in another final 1.7.1, but that's it. Nothing else will come after this. We're done with ModernBB 1.x and want to move on, especialy with Luna knocking on the front door. But well, I promised to support this release for a while, and 1,5 year is already quite a bit, compared to other versions of ModernBB. For example, ModernBB 3.3 was supported for 26 days. 3.0 for only 11 days.

Anyway, ModernBB 1.7 won't see any preview releases. Following our new update scheme, the update will be released on 12 August 2014, together with ModernBB 3.4.2.

Have fun!
-- Yannick

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