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By Gama 12 November 2014 21:11

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Hello. As i've mentioned in one of my last project, i've started working on another one. This time it will be related to all BMW fans around my home country. So far i've managed to design some elements:



List of forums:


First run box:


(Click image to enlarge it)

What do You think? Also one question to Yannick - is it possible to convert ModernBB to another software with using FluxBB converter?

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By Gama 18 November 2014 22:35

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Why no comments 🙁

I've recently finished adding some extra features to my forums as well as customizing layout. Now it looks like this 🙂

Clubs module - users can send their club to the database, forum staff have to approve it before it will be shown.


Some customization in userlist


Whole index page


Some changes into my pm module - now we have conversation topics and private messages which belongs to them



Instead of login page, there is loginbox 🙂


Topic view


Its all for now. Have to customize user profiles, do some code check. I think i will start this community once we hit December 🙂

What do you think guys? Is is good or bad?

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By Yannick 19 November 2014 05:36

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It look prety good. Nice work. 😉

However, no, you can't convert ModernBB to any other board with the FluxBB converter, that converter is ment to convert any other board to FluxBB (and if you want, you can upgrad to ModernBB) and not the other way arround. If you need a converter from ModernBB to another, you'll have to ask the people from that board software.

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