PHP 5.2 support in Luna 1.1


By Yannick 4 June 2015 18:59

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Hello everybody,

With our move to use gettext in Luna 1.1 for our translations, we've hit an issue with support for PHP 5.2. This can be fixed and at this moment, CearCam is working on a fix for it. However, my question is: who of you guys still uses PHP 5.2? PHP 5.2 has been deprecated for a while already by the PHP developers and using it is a security risk (idem dito for PHP 5.3 and soon for PHP 5.4, by the way). Now, our policy is to support all versions of PHP that have at least 10% market share or newer then the lowest version with 10%. At this moment, PHP 5.2 holds a market share of 14.7%, 4.7% to much to drop support according to our policies. So we want to ask you guys: does any of you still use PHP 5.2? And if not, what version are you on rigth now?


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By ninjagolloyd 4 June 2015 19:44

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You probably should, most hosts update every time there is a new one and local php is extremely easy to update.


By kaaleth 5 June 2015 11:43

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Thanks for this topic. I just switched to newer version of PHP on my host. I think, most of them should give this way to change.