TrotMania now uses Luna


By Lirodon 8 April 2015 20:37

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So this is what I was working on. It took me a bit of work to squash the bugs from the upgrade from FluxBB 1.5 (0.9 addressed all of them) and modify the default theme to match our aesthetics and template. The site's for a MLP-themed StepMania (dance game) pack. Our site used to be just on Blogger, but we moved to somewhat self-hosted stuff provided by another site a few months ago (the front page CMS runs on TextPattern)

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By Yannick 8 April 2015 22:03

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TrotMania wrote

Not powered by Celestia

Made my day. 🙂

Anyway, have fun with it and be sure to update to Luna 1.0 next week! We've got another series of fixes and small enhancements coming up. Through I've got to say that you might want to change the blue color to a more organic blue perhaps.

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By Lirodon 25 June 2015 01:07

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The site was updated to 1.1 over the weekend; the theme is pretty much the same, although I had to do a few tweaks to the CSS to fit with 1.1's changes and additions.

I had also, since the original post, made changes to the color scheme to make the colors darker.