Luna 1.3 release log


By Yannick 2 November 2015 15:11

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Hey everybody,

Below, you can find some information on the release log of Luna 1.3 and some of the known issues.

Luna 1.3 "Denim" Preview 1 build 5104 - 28 October 2015

  • Major database refactorings
  • Sixteen is included once more
  • Adds "New", "Unanswered" and "Active" to the sidebar for Fifteen
  • Rewrites many CSS file for new CSS coding conventions

Luna 1.3 "Denim" Preview 2 build 5128 - 2 November 2015

  • You can now mark a thread as important
  • Revamped "New" label for threads
  • Reworked timezone and DST system
  • Merges "Message" and "Contact" in the user settings
  • Improved mobile interface for Fifteen
  • Improved mobile interface for the Backstage

Luna 1.3 "Denim" Preview 3 build 5164 - 15 November 2015

  • Bug fixes and improvements from Luna 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 are now included
  • Adds accents to Sunrise 2.0
  • Fixes multiple bugs in Sunrise
  • Fix for installer
  • Lots of coding contention updates

Luna 1.3 "Denim" Preview 4 build 5194 - 19 November 2015

  • Add "Recent activity" to Sunrise and other minor design improvements
  • New APIs
  • Additional fixes from Luna 1.2.4
  • Further unification to the database
  • Improved mobile interface for Backstage

Luna 1.3 "Denim" Preview 5 build 5216 - 6 December 2015

  • Luna now supports the center tag as opt-in
  • Luna now supports the size tag as opt-in
  • Embedded videos are now responsive and you can no longer set the size of them in the Backstage
  • Multiple changes to which tags are allowed where
  • Fixes multiple migration issues
  • Even more fixes from Luna 1.2.4

Known issues

  • You have to upgrade to Luna 1.3 through Luna 1.2 or earlier, a fresh install will not work Fixed in Preview 3
  • When updating, Luna will show an error, simply refreshing the page will continue the update Partially fixed in Preview 5
  • Sixteen has a visual glitch in the header that causes the "New", "Unanswered" and "Active"-links to appear in a Bootstrap list group instead of an inline list Fixed in Preview 3

Have a great day!
-- Yannick

You can do anything


By Yannick 15 November 2015 08:26

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A working version of the new Sunrise theme (based on ModernBB's old Random theme) is now included in Preview 3, only night mode still needs work! Enjoy! I've temporarly enabled the Sunrise theme for testing purpose, so come up with some feedback!

You can do anything


By Yannick 19 November 2015 14:34

Administrator · 1,457 comments

Night mode is now functional for the Sunrise theme. 🙂 I think we'll have one other preview and then we'll move on the beta stage and finalize the bits for release in late December. Then I'll shift focus to Fallow and Emerald in the lesser extend.

You can do anything