Problem to activate account


By Daniel 11 February 2016 06:19

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When I as an admin try to add new users to the forum and send the invite through e-mail using the tool for adding users, and they get the mail with their username and password and click the link to activate their account the page stays blank.

Just in this part mydomain/login.php . Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a way to fix it? I need that to work please!

Also if at the main screen I try log in with the username and password sent to the email, the page just reloads and stays at the sema point. It doesnt make the login for those users that I try to add.

PD: I have almost ready an spanish version of Luna. I will share it later.
Im using Luna 1.3.1

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By Yannick 11 February 2016 09:41

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I'll look into this. But let me get this straight: they receive the mail but the link doesn't work?

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By Kozbenims 11 February 2016 18:02

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thanx bro..


By Daniel 12 February 2016 05:09

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Yeah, they receive the e-mail. But when they click the link it opens a new window but the page stays blank and doesnt load anything.