Colour Picker


By bem 5 March 2016 10:58

Member · 134 comments

Are there any plans to add a colour picker to the bbcode toolbar? Even if it's an option to add on in the admin area? Would be quite handy for users on some forums and would practically be the same as the smilies button, just with colour blocks instead of smilies.


By Yannick 6 March 2016 00:20

Administrator · 1,456 comments

This is not something we're currently planning, for the same reason as why center and size ar not in the toolbar, color is left out to prevent people from abusing style options. However, Luna 1.4 will drop the emoticon button in the editor (as you can see on this forum) too. Again, not something that will likely be done in 1.4 or 2.0 for that matter.

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