Rules ordered list isn't appearing correctly


By xiurobert 24 March 2016 12:18

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Hey all, I thought it was possible to include BBCode in the rules. However, the rules are not rendering correctly as can be seen on

On the Luna forums, I have seen an amazing implementation of [ol]. Is it possible for my version?



By bem 24 March 2016 14:08

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Rules uses html not bbcode, so use something like this:

  <li>No spam. All automated messages, advertisements, and *nks to competitor websites will be deleted immediately.</li>
  <li>Post in relevant sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators.</li>
  <li>Respect other users. No flaming or abusing fellow forum members. Users who continue to post inflammatory, abusive comments will be deleted from the forum after two warnings are issued by moderators.</li>
  <li>Harassment. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behavior is grounds for removal from the forums.</li>
  <li>Adult content. No profanity or pornography is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted.</li>
  <li>Illegal content. No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted.</li>

By Yannick 24 March 2016 16:03

Administrator · 1,456 comments

Indeed, as said by Bem, rules use HTML and not BBCode. This allows for more freedom, anyway, I've added a little note to the field for the Emerald update to make this more clear.

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