By Valum 19 June 2016 16:33

Member · 1 comments

Hey I'm looking for $title_field, to add a similar field in settings, but I just cant find the variable any pointers?

Also on sunrise, the pm does not work the reply buttons are white and you cant delete messages, the modal pops up but does nothing


By Yannick 19 June 2016 20:45

Administrator · 1,457 comments

The variable $title_field is initiated in the /settings.php for the profile-settings and in /profile.php for the profile itself. If you need to know where they are used, you'll have to look in the settings.php and profile.php file of whatever theme you're using.

I'm looking into releasing Luna 2.0.4 somewhere in the coming days, I'll take a look at the issues you're facing and hope to deliver a fix by then.

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