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By Creat0r 27 October 2017 20:27

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I saw a post which user: DeveloperBG created and the thread got locked faster than I change my underwear so I couldn't reply to it. Seems like the owner behind Luna cannot take Constructive critism. Oh well.

Quote from developerbg:
-This is the worst fucking support I've ever seen! fuck it with your ugly forum

My response:
Yes, unfortunately you're right. There are absolutely no support, there are definitely nothing going forward and the "attempt to continue FluxBB" should be cancelled and the website should be taken down. This was a failure from the get go and will always be because the owner behind it clearly has no time.

99% of the cases when someone try to put out and work on a better software, it gets absolutely shredded apart when they realize how much time they actually got to put in. The owner may say "well it's open source" but cmon, everyone knows that theres probably a 1% chance that someone will jump on and help you out with it, you have to be prepared from start and Yannick wasn't.

Consider this forum software dead, same goes for FluxBB it was already dead years ago. A suggestion if you dont have as much knowledge is to go with softwares like MyBB, Vanilla or PhpBB which are supported, updated on a daily basis. Or if you do have knowledge in PHP, CSS, HTML, MYSQL you can continue from where Luna left off.

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By Yannick 10 November 2017 13:53

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Not sure but that thread never got closed. Either way, I did remove it, it simply isn't any constructive feedback.

Having said that, yeah, I don't have much time for Luna right now, but it is definitly a project I'll revisit at one point.

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