How to report bugs


By Yannick 25 June 2018 18:41

Administrator · 1,457 comments

When reporting a bug, we highly recommend you to use our GitHub issue tracker: …

Of course, not everyone has a GitHub account, so this forum is for all of you to make your own issues. Some important details:

- Describe in which version the bug manifested for you
- Write down the steps to reproduce the issue
- Describe your system (PHP version, MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite version, etc.)
- Describe your OS and browser

If a bug can be confirmed and no additional details are required, we'll make a GitHub issue and put the link in your thread so you can follow. We'll also mark that link as the "Answer" to your question.

This forum is NOT for bugs found in pre-releases of Luna. Please go to the Preview + beta forum for that.

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