Captcha when registering


By Senk Ju 8 September 2018 01:52

Member · 6 comments

I think it would be really useful if it was possible to enable a CAPTCHA (eg. reCAPTCHA) the user would have to solve before being able to register a new account as it would make it much harder to write a bot which spams the forum with trash accounts. I know it is already possible to enable e-Mail verification but it is easy to bypass if you own a mail server or use a trash mail API.


By bem 8 September 2018 15:30

Member · 135 comments

The new(ish) Google reCAPTCHA v2 could be a good one. Simple tick box, not too taxing on the brain for people or likely to turn them away.


By Yannick 9 September 2018 18:05

Administrator · 1,457 comments

As this would be a 3rd party services we would have to rely on, it won't be included in-core.

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